Albert L. Gricoski

As soon as you enter the Albert L. Gricoski Funeral Home you will find an atmosphere of warmth and comfort.  located in a residential setting. Our funeral home  features a spacious visitation room for family and friends.

In addition, a sitting lounge and a children’s area is also available for your convenience.

Since 1991 the Albert L. Gricoski Funeral Home has been helping families like yours to begin the healing process when faced with the loss of a loved one.

Our philosophy is:

Provide the Best Funeral Service Possible Tailored to your Individual Needs

The Albert L. Gricoski Pre-Planning Guide is a valuable resource to record your funeral wishes and personal information.

Call us to request a copy of our Pre-Planning Guide or you can fill the Pre-Planning Guide out online at your diecretion and then e-mail it to us when it is completed.

Costs associated with the type of Funeral Service you select:

Traditional Funeral with Visitation

Cremation with (or without) Memorial Service

Immediate Burials with Gravesite Services

Call us at 570-874-0197 for a free estimate

Funeral Merchandise

When it comes to funeral merchandise it's important to know what you're buying. Our funeral services include most things you need (like guest books, thank you notes, prayer cards, etc.). However, there are three categories that come at an additional charge because they vary in styles, sizes, etc. This kind of funeral merchandise includes:

All these items are available at Albert L. Gricoski Funeral Home, but no two are the same. That's why when you come to us we'll take the time to explain the benefits of each one to you so you can make an educated choice. So take a few moments to examine some of the funeral merchandise we offer and then contact us to learn more.


Personalized options available for ALL merchandise